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IUCN is a democratic membership union – find out about our members and how to join IUCN.

Dmitry Telnov, photograph saproxylic longicorn beetle Photo: R. Matrozis

IUCN Commissions

Over 13’000 experts volunteer worldwide - find out what they achieve and how to become involved.

Inger Andersen Photo: Inger Andersen

Director General

Read about the activities of Inger Andersen: speeches, statements and social media updates.


States and government agencies are Members of IUCN.


NGOs are part of the IUCN network.

Become a Member.


Experts in six Commissions  assess the state of the world’s natural resources.


IUCN has Members in more than 160 countries. Visit our regional pages.

  • Inger Andersen
Un blog de la UICN que estamos lanzando para conmemorar el 70.o aniversario de la Unión.
  • Inger Andersen
Un blog de l’UICN que nous lançons à l’occasion du 70ème anniversaire de notre Union.


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