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  • Sunda Pangolin Photo: Dan Challender

    New hope for Thailand’s Sunda pangolins


    Marking World Pangolin Day 2016, SOS is delighted to share news that its Fondation Segré Pangolin Conservation Initiative has recorded the first known footage of a wild Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica) in Khlong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern Thailand...

  • Okapi in DRC Virunga NP Photo: ZSL

    Global plan aims to save elusive okapi from extinction


    Gland, Switzerland, 18 February 2016 (IUCN) - The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), supported by partners including the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and global conservation charity the Zoological Society of...

  • wilderbeest_and_zebra_masai_mara.jpg Photo: IUCN

    IUCN Welcomes 26 new Members


    The IUCN Council has admitted 26 new Members to IUCN.

  • Présentation de l'UICN lors de la JMZH 2016 à Ouagadougou Photo: Valentine Zoungrana

    2 février : l’UICN participe à la commémoration de Journée mondiale des zones humides 2016


    Le mardi 02 février la communauté internationale a commémoré la journée mondiale des zones humides. Le Burkina Faso n'est pas resté en marge de cette célébration grâce au soutien et à la participation du Secrétariat de la Convention de Ramsar et du Programme...

  • Azraq wetlands reserve Photo: IUCN WAME

    World Wetlands Day: Wetlands & Sustainable Livelihoods


    Each year, 2 February marks World Wetlands Day, to celebrate our planet’s wetlands but also to draw attention to the challenges that their degradation brings.

  • Troupeau de buffle dans le parc W Photo: Jean de Dieu ILBOUDO

    Formations sur l’efficacité de la gestion des aires protégées en Afrique


    Deux ateliers de formation auront lieu du 3 au 6 février à Gitega (Burundi) et  du 8 au 10 février 2016 à Diapaga (Burkina Faso) pour renforcer les compétences des conservateurs et administrateurs sur la gestion des aires protégées à travers l’...

  • Leading the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol Photo: Natural Capital Coalition

    IUCN supports global consultation on draft Natural Capital Protocol


    As a founding member of the Natural Capital Coalition, IUCN is supporting the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) and encouraging businesses, governments and other stakeholders -- especially the conservation community -- to...

  • Sunda Pangolin Photo: Dan Challender

    Saving the World's most illegally traded wild mammal


    Pangolins are the most heavily poached and trafficked mammals on the planet. Until recently, most people didn’t even know they existed. Earlier this year, a major new conservation initiative was launched to raise awareness of pangolins and address the key...

  • Report looks at the impacts of the apparel sector value chains on biodiversity. Photo: Jay Phagan

    Fashion industry must urgently reduce its impact on nature


    The fashion industry is contributing to the degradation of the world’s biodiversity and undermining nature’s ability to provide ecosystem services to society, according to a report released by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

  • Ecosystems for Life Photo: IUCN

    Could conservation become a new investment asset class?


    A new IUCN-backed report released yesterday identifies three new investment structures that could help catalyse finance to meet the world’s pressing environmental challenges and sustainable growth goals.


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