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  • Sunset over Bhitarkanika Photo: © Nisha D'Souza

    Tell us your water story and win a prize


    Are you working in conservation? In forest, marine, climate change areas or others? Has water made an unexpected appearance in your work? Then we are looking for your story. 

  • woman kneeling and planting with words on screen Photo: IUCN Global Gender Office

    VIDEO: Designing gender-responsive forest landscape restoration projects in Brazil


    Every day, in their roles as farmers, foresters and household providers, women use and manage natural resources, making them integral to conservation efforts. A pilot initiative led by IUCN in Brazil is finding ways to integrate their wealth of knowledge in...

  • Women at the Sanzara Community Learning Center farm Photo: Maggie Roth/IUCN GGO 2015

    Gender equality key to achieving FLR outcomes: How women’s critical participation supports a Ugandan community and the SDG agenda


    International Women’s Day (March 8) is an opportunity to call for global action to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, especially in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, for IUCN’s Global Forest and Climate Change Programme and...

  • Gender equality is fundamental to successful environmental protection. Photo: © IUCN / Elroy Bos

    IUCN Director General's statement on International Women’s Day 2016


    Women are leaders, educators, engineers and farmers; they are also caretakers and guardians of the biodiversity which is fundamental to human existence.  


    Climate Change from a Gender Perspective


     The interaction of gender and climate change is at the core of action for sustainability future as well as policies and initiatives for a greener economy in Jordan. IUCN ROWA takes part in the Climate Change from a Gender Perspective Conference in Amman...

  • Field visit to SAGCOT, as part of IUCN's project there called SUSTAIN-Africa. Photo: Deviah Aiama

    The importance of partnerships for scaling up sustainability


    Agriculture depends on people and nature working sustainably together. To advance sustainable agriculture at larger scales, we must build and expand partnerships between public, civil society and private sectors. This was a key message I took away from a...

  • Leading the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol Photo: Natural Capital Coalition

    IUCN supports global consultation on draft Natural Capital Protocol


    As a founding member of the Natural Capital Coalition, IUCN is supporting the global consultation on the draft Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) and encouraging businesses, governments and other stakeholders -- especially the conservation community -- to...

  • Report looks at the impacts of the apparel sector value chains on biodiversity. Photo: Jay Phagan

    Fashion industry must urgently reduce its impact on nature


    The fashion industry is contributing to the degradation of the world’s biodiversity and undermining nature’s ability to provide ecosystem services to society, according to a report released by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

  • Tendal Waterfall, Los Katíos National Park, Colombia Photo: UICN Tilman Jaeger

    The List of World Heritage in Danger is not a disgrace, but an opportunity


    A key success of 2015 was the removal of Colombia’s Los Katíos National Park from the List of World Heritage in Danger. It was danger-listed in 2009 at the request of the government, after suffering extensive damage from illegal activities. The park authority...

  • Tassili N'Ajjer National Park, Algeria Photo: Salah Amorkane

    This is a woman’s world (heritage)


    Working as a female expert in a largely male-dominated sector as nature conservation can present challenges. This is especially the case in cultures where women in charge are often perceived negatively, such as in the Arab region. Haifaa Abdulhalim is one...


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